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John Julian designs a range of exquisite pottery using traditional methods. Clean, simple ascetic beauty, whilst remaining functional are the driving force behind John Julian’s ceramics.

Emagen redeveloped John Julian’s website in mid-2015. Previously, John Julian had been using WordPress as a platform. The new website was redesigned using Shopify. John Julian felt that Shopify offered a straightforward, easy to use admin and great reporting tools that WordPress simply did not have.

Emagen utilised Shopify’s assets to design a clean and simple responsive website to reflect the ascetic beauty of the products and designs, with imagery as the focus and straightforward, clear navigability throughout.

An integrated blog also provides excellent SEO properties for the website, organically driving users of the web to content rich pages.

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Delivery Solutions

product options
We provided John Julian with the basis to offer configurable products with different size and style options. Product images change accordingly when a different option is selected.

Clean Simple Design

page design
John Julian’s website is designed with a clean simplicity that accentuates the quality imagery and draws the customers focus to what is important, the products.

Email marketing

mailchimp signup
Email marketing is key to the success of any ecommerce website. That’s why we integrated Mailchimp into the website with a popup form on the homepage to drive newsletter signups.