Six things to keep in mind when designing a logo

How does our logo identity represent us? Is it dated, ugly, talking to the wrong people, off-strategy, or weak compared to competitors? These things matter because they can be costing you business. Here are some important things to consider when designing a logo.

logo design

What distinguishes your business from the rest?

Many businesses seem the same. We know that in reality this is not the case, every business is unique. This uniqueness, a businesses reason for being, needs to be communicated in their logo and branding. This is where a great logo designer comes into their own. They will understand you and your company, and convey those qualities in your branding. Great logo designers help make people see your company in the right light viagra pfizer 25 mg.

Who are you talking to?

It is essential to understand your target market when thinking about logo design and branding. A business needs to understand who their ideal client is and communicate effectively to them. It makes no sense designing anything without knowing who it’s for and why they would want to use your business.

Strong design is captivating

When designing a logo it is important to make a statement to your customers, with a strong and appealing visual mark. Images that stand out and resonate with people are the one they remember throughout their day. It is essential to create a logo that gets into the mind of your core audience.

Colours and imagery

People associate specific colours with certain types of business and products. It is essential to use the data we have on customer reactions to colours when designing a logo. Colours are important triggers in peoples minds and have association with previous experiences and expectations.

Less is more

A logo design needs to be simple but effective. Simple doesn’t have to mean a lack of complexity, just don’t over complicate things. Most major companies logos are simply their name in a distinctive, original typeface with some colouration, nothing more. Overcomplicating a logo can often look a bit dated and unprofessional.

Make it Timeless

Mercedes is a great example of a logo that is timeless. Their logo has changed little in over a hundred years, but it still represents classic values of strength, expertise and confidence, whilst also embodying notions of modern technology and know-how. It is important for a great logo to capture the here and now and to ensure that it won’t simply look dated in a few years time.

Great branding companies and designers incorporate these tenants into their processes when creating a logo. Logos should visually support great branding strategies and create real impressions in the minds of your prospective customers and clients. Done well, people will trust you, believe in what you sell and want to buy from you. In essence, great logos are all about connecting your business on a subconscious level with people.

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