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The website development team at Emagen now have over 6 years of experience working with Magento. We have been developing ecommerce websites using the Magento platform almost since it’s release. As a result we have an incredible understanding of Magento and how it works.

Over the past 6 years we have developed Magento ecommerce websites for companies based in Salisbury, London and the wider UK. The Magento development team have an extensive knowledge base which they apply when building any Magento installation.

We have created ecommerce systems for small online retailers, such as, and larger international brands, such as Thrive Pet Foods. Whatever size your business is, whether based locally, in Salisbury, or a national company, our team have the know how to implement best practice functionalities to suit your needs. When designing and creating a successful ecommerce store using the Magento platform it is highly important create a beautiful looking website whilst maintaining functionality. Our development team try to limit the use of unnecessary modules and plugins, helping to reduce concurrent running scripts, conflicts and incompatibilities, increasing the speed and usability of our Magento websites.

We choose Magento to develop a large proportion of our ecommerce websites due to the highly flexible open source nature of the system. Magento is an extremely powerful tool and can provide the platform to create a thriving online shop for any business.

Our web design team are experienced at creating brand new Magento themes, with mobile optimisation and responsive styling at the core of our design ethos. The design team are also adept at adapting third party themes, restyling and correcting CSS faults. We generally try to create product focused ecommerce websites that are clean and simple in design, urging users to look at the products on sale and thereby driving higher sales conversions.

We have experience implementing conversion optimisation on Magento installations. The aim is to increase basket checkout values and the rate of conversions through the layout and structure of the website. Core changes such as the choice of button colour, the positioning of cross-sale products and the structure of categories are of essential importance when setting up a successful Magento ecommerce site.

Our Salisbury based Magento development team ensure that all websites we create on the Magento platform are optimised for SEO purposes. Helping to drive organic search engine traffic to a website is essential to the success of any ecommerce store. Fancy design and styling is pointless without users viewing your website. That is why SEO is at the core of any Magento design we create.

If you would like to enquire about our Magento web design services then you can contact our Salisbury office on 03333 444 294, alternatively send us an email.