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Allmapdata provides innovative map-based analysis software and services including GIS (Geographical Information Systems), digital mapping, sales and marketing applications, and logistics planning solutions such as territory optimisation or routing and scheduling.

They have been a market leader in this sector for some time now. Prior to emagen designing the allmapdata site, the company sold solely offline. The website we produced, using Magento, has provided them with the platform to sell their products directly to customers online, whilst still retaining an informative, content driven site.

The complexity of allmapdata’s products led to emagen designing a highly customised product page and category structure, which is evident when browsing the allmapdata website. This site is an example of what it is possible to achieve with Magento with some excellent design and coding.

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Product Data

We had to import extensive and complex product data to the Allmapdata website, ensuring all data was formatted correctly.

Search Engine Optimistation

allmapdata website nesfeed
Incorporating a newsfeed, a key SEO feature, helps improve Allmapdata’s Google rankings, and allows them to engage with their customers.