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Google Rankings, Mobile Website Design and Page Load Speed

It has been widely reported that Google may penalise your website in their rankings if you’re not compliant with their Mobile Optimization Guidelines. So what does this actually mean for you and your website? Keeping up with Google and their many changes and stipulations is a challenge at the best of times. Even when they take a stance, like proclaiming… Read more →

BBC mobile homepage

BBC launches new look mobile website

Last week the BBC launched a new look homepage for mobile users. ‘The new design emphasises imagery compared with the previous design. Those images have been optimised for your device and bandwidth, so the page loading speed is never compromised.’ In essence this is a very good idea, however, many BBC mobile users do not appear to be impressed. Here… Read more →

Mobile optimisation

Responsive Web Design & Development

Responsive web design is all about providing the end user with the optimum experience, whether using a basic mobile phone or the latest cutting-edge tablet. The core experience To ensure that all users receive the same content, it is important to strip a website down to its core elements. Read more →


Top 3 content management systems

There are numerous great content management systems (CMS) out there, each with there own functionalities. Regardless of what type of site you’re building, there’s probably one CMS perfectly suited to your needs. As website designers and developers, here at Emagen, what we want from a CMS is for it to be powerful, flexible and most importantly, adaptable. Read more →